WAFER, Viterbo hosts healthy eating classes

Program to teach people how to incorporate healthy foods into diets

WAFER and Viterbo students are inviting people to explore new foods.

The food pantry in La Crosse is hosting classes for people in the program to learn how to incorporate healthy foods into their diets.

Nutrition and dietetics students are talking about fruits and vegetables that are on the shelves.

“Something strange like a pomegranate, like we have on our shelves today. Not really quite sure what to do with it, and sometimes it’s a matter of somebody explaining to them how to clean it, how to prepare it, maybe different ways to use items,” said WAFER Executive Director Erin Waldhart.

“This will help them pick up more fruits and vegetables, instead of maybe processed foods, that way they’re getting more vitamins, minerals that we need,” said Viterbo Nutrition and Dietetics Student Kelly Melhorn.

There’s another free class at the end of the month. You can register at WAFER to participate.