Water tower says ‘sex’ after paint job

A water tower paint job in Sussex, Wisconsin, has some residents wondering about the painting crew’s approach.

Workers who were only partway through painting the structure left the word “sex” on the tower on Wednesday.

The tower is getting a new logo. The contractor told WTMJ that the crew ran into a venting issue, and had to stop in order to let the paint dry.

Jessica Bruss drove by the tower Wednesday afternoon, WTMJ reported. Her 8-year-old son in the back seat asked “Mom, why does that say sex?”

“I immediately thought, ‘Not today, we’re not having this conversation today,'” Bruss told WTMJ. “It’s not like it’s anything pornographic, but it certainly caught the attention of my 8-year-old. While I think it’s funny for adults, people should remember that kids are seeing it.”

Workers were expected to cover up the three-letter word this week, but couldn’t guarantee that the same thing wouldn’t happen to “Sussex” on the other side of the tower.