Water your lawn the right way with these tips

Save time and money by watering your lawn the right way using these tips.

Water at the right time of the day: When watering your lawn, avoid watering between 11am and 3pm, the hottest and sunniest times of the day. Ideally, try to water in the morning when the temps are cooler. Watering at night is also OK, but it can cause mildew or fungus to grow.

Water efficiently: Try to water your lawn twice a week, adding about half an inch each time. Experiment with your sprinkler to see how long it will take a half an inch of water to be added to your lawn. Typically it can take about 15 to 30 minutes. If you are in a drought, check your local guidelines on watering.

Check the forecast: Before watering your lawn, check the forecast to see if it’s expected to rain in the near future. Let Mother Nature water your lawn so you don’t have to.