Ways to celebrate your stepmom on Mother’s Day

Your stepmom provides assistance and endless love to you all year. On Mother’s Day, show her how much you appreciate her by honoring her.

Here are some ways to show your stepmom you care on Mother’s Day:

Family photo album/scrapbook: Stepmoms are busy, sometimes too busy to take the time or organize old photos. Create your stepmom a photo album or a scrapbook to capture past family memories.

Family recipe book: Does your stepmom have recipes that have been passed down from generations that she treasures? Create your stepmom a recipe book filled with recipes from her family, along with some of your favorites. If you really want to surprise your stepmom, make her favorite dish and present it to her with the recipe book.

Cook her a meal: Your stepmom has likely cooked you countless meals throughout your childhood. Give your stepmom a break on Mother’s Day and surprise her by cooking a meal for her.

Bring her flowers: Brighten your stepmom’s day by bringing her a bouquet of her favorite flowers.

Give her a keepsake: Sometimes stepmoms treasure homemade gifts more than anything you can buy. Consider giving your stepmom a gift that she will hold near to her heart, like a plate with her grandchildren’s handprints on it, or a quilt made by you and your siblings, or a scarf hand-knitted by her granddaughter.