Wedding Registry: Dos and dont’s

Are you ready to set up your wedding registry? Starting a registry completely from scratch, on top of everything else you are planning, can get overwhelming. To help ease some stress, here is a quick list of dos and don’ts for setting up your wedding registry.

DON’T wait to register. Register early to give your guests plenty of time to purchase gifts.

DO make a list of everything you need and anything extra you want.

DON’T register at only 1 place — aim for 2 or 3 in-store or online locations.

DO include a variety of items that range in size and price.

DON’T forget about the classics, such as high-thread count bed linen, soft durable towels, or fine china.

DO make sure to register for enough gifts. Rule of thumb is

DON’T ask for money straight up. Instead, find a website that allows people to put money towards your honeymoon or home.

DO involve your significant other in the process.

DON’T worry if you have to return some gifts — duplications are unavoidable and it’s OK if you changed your mind! It happens.

DO write your thank you’s as soon as possible. Try to get them done within 2 weeks of a wedding shower and 3 months for a wedding.