West Nile Virus nearing La Crosse area

Bird near Madison tests positive for virus

The West Nile Virus is inching closer to the La Crosse area.

A bird in the Madison area has tested positive for the disease. The finding comes three weeks after a crow was found with West Nile on the east side of the state, and as peak season for the virus is approaching.

West Nile is spread by mosquitoes who fed on an infected bird.

Health officials are giving their usual warnings, including wearing repellant when you’re outside and not leaving out any containers with standing water for mosquitos to breed.

“If they have a bird bath or other things that can collect water, if they clean them out once a week, it’s not a problem,” says La Crosse County Vector Control Manager Dave Geske. “If they have little ornamental ponds, make sure motion is happening so mosquitoes won’t be able to develop there.”

It’s also recommended to make sure window and door screens are in good repair.