West Salem co-op gymnastics journey to state

They were in this spot before. Sectional Saturday. Hoping to make it to the final weekend.

“We were determined we were going to state, we went into that sectional ok we got this,” recalls head coach Carrie O’Hearn.

But for the West Salem co-op gymnastics team that great 2016 ended up just a little short.

“They announced us as third and it was just heartbreaking…heartbreaking.”

Seven-tenths of a point away from state. But that fueled this group this season as they dominated meet after meet.. And then Saturday came and this time they found themselves on the top of the podium.

“That was what we were working for this year, the whole entire season, we’ve been putting in 110 percent every single practice every single meet,” said Anna Tanke.

Ellie Tschumper personally exemplifies the attitude and hard work put forth by this team

“Freshman year she had the broken back she was in the back brace. Sophomore year came in was able to do everything, dislocated her knee cap on floor done didn’t make it too March,” said O’Hearn.

Tschumper entering this her junior season, was coming off 2 major injuries.

“I just wanted to give up when I found out about my back, like I didn’t think it would be possible for me to come back. Then with my knee that happened like I didn’t want to go back to gymnastics again.

But she stuck with it. Pushing harder than ever. And it paid off. She qualified individually for the all-around and was sectional champion in the uneven bars.

“Everthing I’ve gone through paid off, I actually got what I wanted to do finally after 2 years.”

Tschumper and West Salem go to Wisconins Rapids this Friday, ready for one last rotation.

“They’re so excited, they’re over the moon and so am I,” said O’Hearn. “I mean they deserve it, they deserve to just relax and let loose and enjoy their last week as a team for this year.”