West Salem Elementary holds first Camp Read-a-lot event

WEST SALEM, Wis. (WKBT) — West Salem Elementary School wants to get its students excited about reading.

The school hosted its first-ever Camp Read-a-Lot Thursday night in the elementary gym to celebrate literacy.

More than 240 students and their families played interactive reading games, chose a book to take home, and enjoyed some sweet and savory treats from area businesses.

The main organizer says when kids can choose the reading material, they’re more likely to take it home and continue to build their reading skills.

“Students tonight are going to have an opportunity to choose from a variety of books–graphic novels, and literature that they’re passionate about, characters that they can relate to. When they take those books home, they’ll dive in and fall in love,” said Ashley Hanson, a K-4 reading interventionist.

Hanson hopes Camp Read a Lot becomes a yearly tradition at the elementary school.