Westby Ski Jump continues through Saturday

Competition brings athletes from around the world

Skiers from throughout the US, Norway, Slovania, and Finland made their way to our area for an annual competition.

The 93rd Snowflake Ski Jump tournament in Westby started with the opening ceremony and some jumpers Friday night and continued into Saturday. About 4,000 spectators showed up both days to take part in the event. 

One jumper says it’s a feeling unlike any other.

“It feels like a lot of pressure, you’re going really fast so you kind of feel like a car almost, going really fast down the in-run, and then when you go off the actual jump you actually do feel like you’re flying,” said Ski Jumper Anna Hoffmann.

The hill is about 500 feet from top to bottom, and the athletes are going about 50 miles per hour when they leave the ramp.

A smaller hill is also available for junior club ski jumpers.