Westby Ski Jump setting up for Snowflake competition

Backup snow ready for use if shortage during competition

The Westby Ski Jump continues set up for the 2015 Snowflake Ski Jumping Competition.

The event brings in competitors from across the world. 

Snow from previous snowfalls has been compiled with anticipation that there could be a snow shortage for the competition.  Organizers say they are not concerned with the lack of snow.

“Some people probably concerned about the weather but when it’s cold we made all of the snow.  We have snow piles so we have dump truck volunteer themselves to help move some snow,” said Scott Yttri of the Snowflake Ski Club.

Qualifying runs for the competition begin Thursday.  The opening ceremony is on Friday at  7 p.m. For more information, visit the Westby Snowflake Ski Club’s website, snowflakeskiclub.com.