Westby’s Snowflake Ski Hill gets a redesign before season starts

Snowflake Club: Redesign to include safety features, add style to jumps

One place that will look forward to some snow, eventually, is the Snowflake Ski Hill in Westby.

Right now they’re redesigning the ski jump hill.

The Snowflake Club says it’s adding a number of safety features including additional lighting. The changes won’t necessarily make the jumpers fly farther but it should add some style.

“We think sometimes our big hill intimidated our skiers sometimes since they’re young, so we thought let’s redesign the hill and make it a little nicer for the skiers. I think when the skiers are relaxed, they jump farther and put on a good show, so that’s why we did it,” said Snowflake Club Member Scott Yttri.

The annual Ski Jump at the hill is scheduled for the first weekend in February.