Western Technical College unveils new EV charging stations

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LA CROSSE (WKBT) — Western Technical College and Xcel Energy unveiled the campus’ first interconnected EV charging station on Thursday.

The campus hosted a demonstration of the stations on Thursday afternoon.

The new system from Xcel Energy and Western Tech is the first to use on site solar energy power instead of a power grid.

Energy from the grid will only be used on cloudy days to keep the station running.

The entire design was also brought to life at Western Technical College.

“I think we’ve shown people how easily it can be done,” said director of facilities at Western Technical College, Jay McHenry. “We did it internally. We didn’t involve a ton of engineers, it was our own staff and our own graduates. We figured it out. One of our graduates figured out the design of the panels. It was all done in house.”

The charging stations are free and open to the public.