What holidays are OK to get married on or around?

As we enter the holiday season, you might be wondering if it’s acceptable to plan your wedding near a major holiday. Take a look at what holidays are generally accepted as OK to get married on or near, and which ones you should try to avoid.

Thanksgiving: Even though Thanksgiving is celebrated on a Thursday, and you likely won’t be getting married in the middle of the week, you should generally try to avoid getting married the week of Thanksgiving. Many families celebrate Thanksgiving throughout the weekend, and many people go out of town to celebrate with family.

Christmas: Because Christmas is a holy celebration, it can be difficult to plan a church wedding around Christmas due to churches being tied up with services and celebrations. While Christmas weddings can be beautiful, it is generally a tough time for guests to attend, and you could be adding to the financial stress the holidays can bring by asking them to travel to your wedding.

New Year’s Eve: This holiday is OK to get married on, or near. Actually, some of your guests might welcome it as it will give them a fun event to spend New Year’s Eve at, and it will give them an excuse to get dressed up and drink champagne.

Halloween: Like New Year’s, many guests might welcome a wedding invitation on Halloween. Especially if it’s a theme wedding, it will give them plans for the evening and it might even give them a chance to dress up in a costume.

Fourth of July: The Fourth of July can land during the middle of the week, so it’s generally OK to get married the weekend around Independence Day. However, a lot of your guests might be out of town, so don’t be surprised if you get quite a few rejections.

Memorial Day: Like the Fourth of July, getting married on Memorial Day weekend is OK, but be realistic that a lot of your guests might not be able to attend.