What to do if you need a new roof

Many homeowners will face a point in their lives when they need to replace their roof. The thought of having a new roofing system installed can be quite overwhelming at first, especially for those who like to do months of research before committing to any home improvement project or investment.

However, you can ease the stress of organizing a plan to replace your existing roof by following 3 easy steps. Mostly, it is important to choose a licensed and experienced company to help guide you through the process. Continue reading to learn which 3 steps to take toward replacing your roof with a new one.

1) The roof inspection

After you choose a quality roofing company to do business with, they will start the entire process with a full-service roof inspection. During this inspection, the contractors will be closely examining and assessing the condition of all roofing components, including the gutters, gutter screens, downspouts, flashings, skylights (if you have any), vents, and more. They will have their eyes open for storm damages, weakened or vulnerable spots, cracks, holes, water leaks, and more. They will even inspect all areas of the siding.

At the conclusions of your home’s inspection, the contractors will sit down with you to discuss their findings and propose a range of options. Often times, companies will take photos to show clients the damages they find. If you choose to move forward with their services, you will finish this step by signing an agreement that allows them to get to work, as well as, authorizes them to assist you with your insurance claim.

2) The insurance claim

For roofing systems with storm damage, you will need to contact your insurance company to file a claim. The insurance company will schedule a time for an adjuster to come to your home and perform an inspection of their own. Once the degree of storm damage is agreed upon by both contractor and adjuster, an estimate for the cost of repairs is finalized. From there, it takes anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks to receive literature in the mail regarding the estimate and agreement, as well as, the first of two payments.

For those with mortgages, it is common for the mortgage company’s name to be on the insurance check too. If this happens, you will need them to endorse the check, as well as yourself, before it can be deposited into your account. If rising costs occur during the roof repair or replacement process, either from missing something during the inspection or unexpected labor and material needs, you may need to file what is called a supplemental claim with your insurance company.

3) The renovations

The final step following the inspection and insurance claim process is the actual renovations. A roofing company generally provides homeowners with a checklist of what to expect during the process, including time lines, landscape protection, the construction process, and more. A trusted roofing will fix your roof according to manufacturers’ warranty specifications and NRCA standards, and implement a thorough cleanup once the job is complete. They will even provide post-service checkups and warranties.

By Sarahbeth Kluzinski, RMG Roofing; Source: