Whitehall wears P.J.’s to support ‘Pajama Grandma’

City rallies around Diane Pischke following terminal cancer diagnosis

The city of Whitehall is rallying around a woman affectionately known as the “Pajama Grandma.”

Diane Pischke is known for collecting pajamas to donate to kids in need during the holiday season, and was the subject of a News 8 “In Search Of…” report two years ago.

Pischke was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer.

To show support for her, many Whitehall residents wore P.J.’s to school and work today, including her co-workers at Kwik Trip.

“Don’t give up hope. We’re here for you,” said friend Cindy Mason. “All of us. The whole town is, actually.”

That support was on display at the Whitehall School District Friday, too. Many students wore their P.J.’s to school, even those who didn’t get them from the “Pajama Grandma.”

That includes Diane’s grand kids.

“It’s really nice,” said grandson Jason Pischke, who also wore pajamas to school. “She does so much work for everybody else and we’re just showing appreciation for it.”

News 8’s Jennifer Livingston will have an “In Search Of…” update on Diane Pischke and the city of Whitehall’s response to her diagnosis next Thursday at 6 p.m.