Will Ferrell starstruck by Ryan Reynolds during ‘SNL’ monologue

Will Ferrell’s back, all right! The actor and comedian hosted his fifth “Saturday Night Live” since leaving the NBC show as a cast member in 2002.

After starting off playing Ambassador Gordon Sondland to Alec Baldwin’s President Donald Trump in an impeachment centric cold open, Ferrell came on stage for his monologue, only to be surprised when he spotted celebrity guest, actor Ryan Reynolds, in the audience.

“I’m sorry, one second, excuse me, but you look a lot like Ryan Reynolds.”

To which Reynolds replied, “Yeah, I get that a lot.”

And the back and forth continued:

Ferrell: “Is it you?”

Reynolds: “Yes, it’s me.”

Ferrell: “Oh! Oh wow! Okay, cool! Welcome to the show.”

Reynolds: “Thank you. I’m a big fan.”

Ferrell: “A big fan of me?”

Reynolds: “Yeah.”

Ferrell: “Oh, Okay. Fine. I didn’t know you were gonna be here. Yeah, okay. So, where were we? Okay. I can’t believe you’re here. “

Despite Reynolds trying to get the host back on track, Ferrell was visibly distracted by Reynolds’ presence, giggling and laughing as he kept tripping over his lines. Ferrell became even more excited when Reynolds told him his wife, actress Blake Lively, is also a Ferrell fan.

Reynolds: “Like I said, we’re big fans.”

Ferrell: “We’re? Like we? Who’s we?”

Reynolds: “My wife and I.”

Ferrell: “You mean Blake Lively? And she’s watching too?”

Reynolds: “Yeah, she’s at home. But yeah.”

Ferrell: “And she likes me, too?”

Reynolds: “Probably more than me.”

Ferrell responded to the comment with a giggle and declared in an excited British accent, “Okay, that’s not too shabby!”

Ferrell’s monologue continued, but he kept gaping at Reynolds until the “Deadpool” actor finally had to tell him, “Will, you got to stop looking at me, okay?”

To which Ferrell replied looking dazzled and confused, “Am I? Is it too much?”

Reynolds responded, “It’s a little, a little too much, yeah.”

Although Reynolds assured him, “I’m just here to enjoy the show,” Ferrell kept getting animated and sidetracked until he suddenly started speaking in a Tracy Morgan impression, explaining that he slips into the voice when he’s nervous. Ferrell was finally joined onstage by Morgan, a fellow “SNL” alum, and they concluded the monologue together, although Morgan warned Ferrell, “If you talk like me again, I’m going to bust your a**!”

Reynolds later appeared in the Weekend Update segment as a “Guy Who Knows the Owner.”