“Wings of Freedom” tour comes to La Crosse

Public can tour WWII planes

A nation-wide tour is giving us a chance to honor our world war two veterans.

The Wings of Freedom tour put on by the Collings foundations is bringing rare planes used in the war to La Crosse’s Municipal Airport. La Crosse is just one of 110 cities the tour will stop in.  People can get an inside look at  several different kinds bomber aircraft’s and fighter jets.

Members of the tour say the experience is something you won’t find in a museum.

“Museums you can’t go through them, you can’t have a hands on with the exhibits at all. Here you can go through the airplanes, you can hail the machine guns, you can sit in the different seats people sat in, in WWII, get in the different positions, and it’s just a wonderful experience to be able to come out and see this,” said Mac Mcauley, one of the pilots on the tour.

The Wings of Freedom Tour runs through July 16.