Winona Area Humane Society looks for pet foster parents at Kitten Shower

The Winona Area Humane Society is looking for more pet foster parents.

With the most recent influx of kittens, the humane society hosted its first kitten shower. Much like a baby shower, attendees brought and donated supplies for the upcoming kitten season.

Participants also got to learn more about the pet foster care program and why it is so important for a kitten’s health and socialization.

“When kittens are fostered, they are more social, they come right up to people, they know people are okay, that humans are great and they love us and take care of us and they adapt to a home much better,” said Linda Landry, director of the foster program at Winona Area Humane Society.

If you decide would like to learn more about the program, call Landry at 1-507-452-3135. The humane society provides all medical care, litter, food and other supplies.

Last year, the Winona Area Humane Society fostered over 200 cats and about 190 of them got adopted.