Winona Area Mobile Pack helps prepare meals for children in need

Residents from Winona and the surrounding area are banning together to help feed malnourished children.

The community-wide event is part of the “Winona Area Mobile pack.”

Volunteers spent Saturday preparing meals to send to starving children in need.

The event put on by the nonprofit organization, Feed my Starving Children will feed children from more than 60 countries worldwide.

Volunteers hope to package more than 100,000 meals to send.

For many children, these meals will be the most nutritious meal they will receive during the day.

“Nutritionally, one cup of this food can sustain a child for an entire day,” said Paul Doupkins, mobile pack supervisor for Feed My Starving Children. “So a lot of the time, they are eating it at schools or they are eating it at community feeding program, and many times, it’s the most reliable food source of the day.”

The organization hopes to pack more than 160,000,000 meals this year.

For more information on how to donate and help, head to