Winona County reports 2 new COVID-19 cases, offers expanded testing

WINONA, Minn. (WKBT) – The Minnesota Department of Health reported two new persons in Winona County have tested positive for COVID-19.

The total number of positive COVID-19 cases is Winona County is 66, which includes 13 deaths from the virus.

Winona Health is offering expanded COVID-19 testing at 855 Mankato Avenue, according to a news release from the Winona County Health & Human Services. Patients are asked to call 507-454-3650 before going to the facility. New testing criteria are as follows:

  • Accepting asymptomatic patients (individuals who are not showing symptoms) who may be contacts of infected patients.
  • Accepting any symptomatic patient (showing symptoms of COVID-19)

The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is spread primarily by respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes, similar to influenza. It can also spread when people touch surfaces that have been contaminated by an infected person and then touch their eyes, nose, or mouth.

Winona County Health & Human Services stresses the importance of doing your part by complying with the Governor’s Executive Orders:

  • Stay home and away from others if you are sick
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes with your elbow or tissue
  • Wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds with soap and water
  • Avoid touching your face.