Winona Health adds ‘Da Vinci’ robot to surgical team

WINONA, Minn. (WKBT) — The surgical team at Winona Health is working with new, innovative technology.

They call it the ‘Da Vinci’ robot.

On Jan. 23, it will begin to assist doctors with some surgical procedures.

The robot has better vision and hand coordination than the average human and can perform less invasive surgeries on patients.

If you’re not comfortable with a robot performing your surgery, the experts at Winona Health say when the Da Vinci robot is involved, patients get back to work faster.

“Not every single person is maybe a candidate for robot-assisted surgery but those that are will be able to see the benefits that this new and innovative equipment is bringing to Winona Health,” said Angie Johannes, director of surgical services at Winona Health.

Experts say procedures performed by the Da Vinci robot lead to quicker healing and less reliance on pain medications.