Winona holds MinDOT accountable for issues with Hwy. 43 bridge project

The city of Winona is making sure The Minnesota Department of Transportation is held accountable for a multi-million dollar oversight.

MinDOT recently told Winona’s city council it will need an extra 30 million dollars to complete work on the  Highway 43 bridge. The project manager says the old bridge is deteriorating faster than expected and new requirements for the rehabilitation have increased, causing the project to go over budget.

Until MinDOT finds money to finish the work, the project has been put on hold.

The city council went on record saying they liked the project as it was originally presented, and don’t want to see changes made this far into the work.

“The state presented this project to us as a concrete box cuter design, new bridge two lanes coming into Winona and two lanes going out with a rehabbed bridge and that’s the project we think they should finish,” said Winona Mayor Mark Peterson.

MinDOT has now sent their plans to the Federal Highway Administration to look for ways to lower the cost of the project.