Winona residents protest Dakota Access Pipeline

Community forum to be held to raise awareness

Demonstrators locally and across the country are voicing their concerns about the Dakota Access Pipeline Tuesday.

In Winona, about 100 demonstrators came out to protest the pipeline project.

Protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline have been ongoing since this summer. The Standing Rock Sioux Native American tribe in North Dakota says the project will run through and destroy land sacred to their tribe.

A spokesperson for the Winona-Dakota Unity Alliance says they are standing in support of the North Dakota tribe.

“We just started planning this maybe a week and a half ago, so to get this kind of support is incredibly humbling, and I’m just really grateful,” said Winona-Dakota Unity Alliance President Aaron Camacho.

A community forum will be held November 29th at Winona State University for people to learn about the ‘No Dakota Access Pipeline’ movement.