Winona retailer backtracks from Steve Jobs link

WINONA, Minn. (AP) — Executives with a Winona-based retailer are distancing themselves from comments attributed to them saying that Steve Jobs bought his trademark black mock turtleneck sweaters from their Knitcraft Corp.

Published interviews with Knitcraft founder Bernhard Brenner and vice president Mary Bergin give the impression that the late iconic CEO of Apple bought his sweaters from Knitcraft.

For example, a New York Post story on Oct. 6 says Brenner sold Jobs about 12 sweaters per year. Bergin says Brenner was misquoted, and that he really said Jobs “could have” bought a dozen per year.

Bergin also tells the Minneapolis Star Tribune that Jobs did wear Knitcraft sweaters but that the company never said so itself.

The Smoking Gun website accuses Knitcraft of “profiting off a phony connection” to Jobs.