Winona State set to start final phase of pedestrian tunnel project

A safer walk to school for Winona State students is on its way.        

The university is set to start the final phase of construction on new pedestrian tunnels near campus.

The tunnels will be built under the railroad tracks. One will be by the football stadium off of Johnson Street, the other will be by the baseball field on Winona Street.

The goal is to improve pedestrian safety and give students better access to the areas around the campus.

“One, it gives you a spot that you know you can cross, you’re not going to take a chance of having to cross that grade with a train coming by. You know it’s 87 degrees and everyone wants to get to the lake, which is on the other side of the tracks,” said Mike Pieper, Asst. V.P. for Winona State.  

The project is expected to be completed in the fall.