Winona State University cuts ribbon on LESS Project

WINONA, Minn. (WKBT) — Five years of hard work just paid off.

Winona State University has finally completed its Leading Energy Savings and Sustainability project.

The project will reduce the university’s environmental impact by using solar panels, electric vehicle charging stations, and other additions.

Overall, the project will save $26 million in energy and reduce carbon emissions by 25%.

It’s already clear the project will do a lot of good for the university, but it’s more about improving students’ education.

“Yes it’s nice to do the work and to get the recognition, but this is about really benefitting the students and doing things that are right for the state and the environment at large,” said Sustainability and Planning Director at Winona State University Nathan Engstrom.

There is a phase two of the project, but project planners are unsure of their next move.