Winona students witness graphic mock crash

WINONA, Wis.– Winona High School Seniors got a sobering lesson Wednesday on the dangers of drinking and driving. They watched a live scene unfold of a mock drunk driving crash.

The mock crash included three deaths and multiple injuries. The student actors were covered in fake blood and were screaming and moaning. A few minutes after it started, rescue personnel arrived at the scene.

The whole point is to show what a real life crash scene looks like. The injured students were taken away by ambulance and those killed, were pronounced dead by the coroner.

Even though the students watching know it’s fake, it can still be quite an emotional experience. “This hits me completely hard and i would never make a stupid decision of getting behind the wheel drunk and not wearing a seatbelt,” says senior Brianna Neitzke.

There was also another drunk driving presentation Wednesday for the juniors.

It was put on by Rita Seha who lost her whole family in a 2010 drunk driving crash in Rochester. Seha was in the vehicle at the time.

As part of her presentation, she hauls the mangled van with her to show the students an up close example of how one bad decision can change so many lives. “I think it’s helping a lot for the young people to see the blood, the tragedy, that there were no Jaws of Life used on this van. it was plain and simply another vehicle that ripped the whole side off,” says Seha.

A Winona student group called “Hope” put on the presentation.