Winter Rec Fest kicks off Wednesday

Medallion clues released at midnight

 It may not seem like the season for a game of Volleyball or Kickball, but that’s exactly what some outdoor enthusiasts will be doing this week.

Winter Rec Fest kicks off Wednesday. The two week event features skating, curling, fishing, card games, and some non-traditional winter activities like a softball tournament. There’s also a medallion hunt with clues starting at midnight.

The person who finds the medallion hidden somewhere in the city wins $500

“The medallion is about the size of your palm, it is currently hidden with clues starting tomorrow, and typically it would take, you know, we have 10 clues and usually it’s found around the 8th, 9th clue,” said Jared Flick, Recreation Specialist.

Events run through the end of the month,  and are located throughout the city. Some do require you get a button.

More information can be found at www.laxwinterrecfest