Wisconsin Congressman Derrick Van Orden introduces his first bill

The Republican, who represents Wisconsin's 3rd district, took the oath of office less than a week ago

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WKBT) — Less than a week after taking the oath of office, Wisconsin Congressman Derrick Van Orden introduced his first bill.

If passed, the “Ban Congressman Lobbyist Act” would prohibit former Senators and members of the House of Representatives from lobbying congress and the executive branch.

The Republican, who represents Wisconsin’s 3rd district, also proposed two congressional amendments.

The “Balanced Budget Amendment” will prohibit Congress from incurring more debts than revenue during each fiscal year and require a balanced budget within ten years.

The “Term Limits Amendment” limits members of the House of Representatives to six terms and US Senators to two terms.

“We need smaller government, not more debt to pay for more government overreach–and we need more elected officials who feel called to serve the People, not enrich themselves,” Van Orden said. “My bills will stop forcing taxpayers to pay for bigger government and close the revolving door between the Capitol and K Street.”