Wisconsin Dells water parks see wave of business

Dells water parks make a splash

WISCONSIN DELLS, Wis. — It’s a summertime destination that attracts folks from around the country. But the Dells are also making a big splash among locals. 

Weather determines a lot around the Dells, but it’s what’s happening around the area that’s bringing in a wave of business. 

It’s about as cool of a cooling center Julie Brown could find around Portage.

“All our plants are dying.” said Brown. “We don’t want to look at them anymore. The grass is turning yellow, so we said, ‘Let’s go to Noah’s Ark.'”

Brown and her co-workers live a short drive from the Dells destination.

And with dry, searing conditions, the “Once or twice a year,” trip to the water park has become routine.

“This year, it’s been more like once a week for the last month and a half.” said Brown.

“I like to see that it’s the day trippers coming,” said Amy Muller, Noah’s Ark marketing director, “Because with July 4th being in the middle of the week, there wasn’t the two-day weekend. So now it’s busy today, and it’s great; we know it’s day trippers.”

Noah’s Ark staffers said it’s the day trippers hoping to find relief pushing ticket projections above last year’s numbers.

“Yes, they are slightly higher as the heat has been on in comparison to last year,” said Muller, “We’ve met our goals and everything, so yes, it’s definitely helping.”

“I like the water,” said Portage resident Missy Paulson, “I might be camping, but today is definitely a water day.”

A dip in the pool may be the remedy for now, but several are hoping for a slightly bigger wave to roll through.

“Oh, we need rain bad!” said Paulson, “Pray, pray, pray for rain!”

“Where else are you gonna go?” said Brown, “You have to be by the water.”