Wisconsin Lt. Governor touts budget investments into freshwater education and research during La Crosse visit

Barnes spoke along members of UW-La Crosse River Studies Center

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – UW-La Crosse’s water-focused educational programs is drawing attention from around the state.

Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes touted Governor’s Evers budget investments into freshwater education and research.

Barnes was joined by State Senator Brad Pfaff, State Representative Jill Billings along with members of the UWL community.

The Lieutenant Governor says poor water quality is a problem for everyone.

“So many different contaminants, emerging contaminants that threaten peoples that we have to be concerned about. Threatens fisheries and we have to do something about it. We had to do something about this a long time ago. But I’m excited that we’re finally getting serious,” said Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes.

UWL’s River Studies Center says some of the brightest people who can solve water quality issues live right here.

“We have vast resource in not only freshwater, but we also have a vast resource in human potential with our students,” said UW-La Crosse River Studies director Roger Haro.

The River Studies Center is part the state’s Freshwater Collaborative.