Wisconsin man behind Final Four floor

Come Monday night, someone will hit a shot on the hardwood at AT&T Stadium that will make history. But for folks in Wisconsin, this particular floor has its own history, and it starts in Wisconsin.

For the last nine years, Bruce Haroldson has led a team responsible for building the floor where history is to be written.

“The people at the plant just get totally thrilled about working on the floor and putting all the time and effort and energy in creating this masterpiece,” he said.

Haroldson, who works for Connor Sports Flooring, lives in Hartland, Wisconsin.

Built from maple trees grown in Wisconsin and Michigan, it takes two weeks for Connor Sports to turn the floor into perfection. It has to, because it will soon become the focal point of the sports world.

“They take a tremendous amount of time, effort, energy because they know it is going to be seen by everybody,” Haroldson said.

So come Monday, the Wisconsin Badgers will chase history on a court with Wisconsin ties.

“We’re all rooting for it. Actually i got an e-mail from one of our co-workers and they said we figure if Wisconsin, our vote is if Wisconsin wins it, we’ll give them the floor.”