Wisconsin museum to celebrate Ojibwe treaty

The Madeline Island Museum plans to celebrate the signing of the treaty that created Ojibwe reservations in Wisconsin.

The museum’s Treaty Days event is designed to commemorate the Treaty of 1854, which established the reservations and guaranteed the Ojibwe’s right to hunt and fish on land they ceded to the government in perpetuity. The treaty was signed at La Pointe, a town on Madeline Island.

The event is scheduled to run from Sept. 29 to Sept. 30. It will feature Ojibwe music and art, an exhibit on Ojibwe treaty rights and a film documenting the Sandy Lake Tragedy of 1850. Hundreds of Ojibwe died that year traveling to and from Sandy Lake, Minn., after U.S. officials told them their annual payments would be distributed there rather than at La Pointe.