Wisconsin Rep. Kind votes for, Minnesota Rep. Hagedorn votes against ‘Delivering for America Act’

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)– The U.S. House of Representatives passed the ‘Delivering for America Act‘ on a 257-150 vote Saturday. It would include $25 billion for the U.S. Postal Service and address a number of issues that some worry could impact this November’s election.

U.S. Representative Ron Kind (D-WI 3rd District) voted in favor of the bill. In a statement, he said USPS is the only organization that provides regular, affordable mail delivery to all residential and business addresses across America. He also said it was an essential service for rural communities across Wisconsin.

“The USPS provides a critical service to our veterans, seniors, and rural communities, ensuring affordable and dependable mail delivery regardless of your address,” said Rep. Kind, in a statement. “Our postal system is too important to fall victim to partisan games, and it’s critical to make sure that all Wisconsinites can continue to rely on the USPS. That’s why I was proud to vote for the Delivering for America Act today to prevent any changes to the USPS’s organization system that would further delay mail or impede services.”

U.S. Representative Jim Hagedorn (R-MN 1st District) voted against the bill. In a statement, he called it a partisan attempt by democrats to politicize the USPS and undermine Americans’ public trust in government ahead of the election.

“The facts of the matter are these: Proposed reforms, designed to make the Postal Service operate more efficiently and save money, have been postponed until after the election; USPS received a $10 billion loan via the bipartisan CARES Act; USPS has assured the public that it will be solvent and operational through at least August 2021; and, even if every single registered voter in America chose to vote by mail, the total volume of requested and mailed in ballots would not exceed the volume of mail that the Postal Service handles on an average day,” said Rep. Hagedorn, in a statement.