Wisconsin State Senators react to Gov. Evers enacting state budget

Governor Evers did issue 50 partial vetos.

WISCONSIN (WKBT) – Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers signed the Republican-written state budget enacting a spending plan that includes a $2 billion income tax cut.

The budget will also cut property taxes for the owner of an average home by $100 next year.

It ends a University of Wisconsin tuition freeze in place for eight years.

And it increases salaries for state employees and basically holds K-12 funding flat.

Evers also announced that schools will be receiving 100 million dollars more in federal funds to use as they wish.

State Senator Brad Pfaff says the budget signing is good news.

“It demonstrated that our state leaders could come together and work in a bipartisan manor,” said Wisconsin State Senator Brad Pfaff.

State Senator Patrick Testin says he is excited to see the budget signed.

“It’s a night and day difference from what the Governor proposed earlier in the year when he proposed a budget that would have increased taxes by over a billion dollars,” said Wisconsin State Senator Patrick Testin.

Governor Evers did issue 50 partial vetos mostly minor.

Both the Governor, who signed the budget and the Republicans who wrote and passed it took credit for the tax cut made possible by a revenue surplus.