Wisconsin troops have heartfelt homecoming from deployment at Volk Field

VOLK FIELD, Wis. (WKBT) — Nearly 100 Wisconsin troops are back home after a six month deployment. Members of the 128th Control Squadron were welcomed to Volk Field this morning.

Back into the arms of the people who love them.

“It is wonderful. There is just a sense of relief, a sense of happiness,” said Brian Bergman, whose wife, Cynthianna, was deployed.

This was Commander Cynthianna Bergman’s third and final deployment.

“Every leadership lesson I’ve ever taken– I was pulling from all of it,” Cynthianna said.

Challenging her military skills and her most important role of wife and mom.

“We talked almost every day on the phone, but it certainly is different to hug and to be there and to just help out around the house,” Cynthianna said.

Brian stepped up to support her– taking over her mission at home.

“It was very challenging to be responsible for all of the family needs,” Brian said.

Over the last six months, this family found a way to stay close even when they were apart.

“He was my rock,” Cynthianna said.

Now they are reunited.

“When she walked in the house early in the morning and surprised her kids and her daughter, the youngest, just cried and hugged. It was pretty special,” Brian said.

A family back under one roof.

Now that this deployment is complete, those servicemembers are going to return right back to their lives at home.

This squadron performed air surveillance, aircraft tracking and command, and control of aircraft operations throughout the Middle East.