Wisconsin’s unemployment rate below national average

WISCONSIN (WKBT) — Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is below the national average.

According to White House data released today, Wisconsin’s rate is 3.2%.

The national average is at 3.5%.

In a one-on-one interview with News 8 Now, one of President Biden’s economic advisors says Wisconsin’s economy is strong.

Jared Bernstein also touted the president’s work to decrease the deficit by a record $1.4 trillion.

“Wisconsin is a good example of that where we have an unemployment rate of close to three percent in the state, lot of people work which means they’re drawing paychecks and it also is good news for deficit reduction so we’re glad to see that,” said Jared Bernstein, member of the president’s council of economic advisors.

President Biden’s student loan program, which has drawn criticism from many, will add $420 billion to the deficit.