WisDOT lays out plans for Highway 16 construction

Construction set to start next year

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation met with West Salem residents Wednesday to talk about future construction on Highway 16.

It’s the final piece of  three separate projects to create a corridor running from La Crosse through West Salem. The plan is to reconstruct the road into a four-lane divided highway. It would enhance safety with left turn lanes and a multi-use path.

Crews will start working on the remaining 3 mile stretch of road next year, but will have to close down the highway for up to 90 days to move material from one site to another.   

“They would have to cross traffic through all their construction equipment to move that material. Not only is it not safe by any means because you have large equipment  hat has a lot of blind spots that need to get things done, then you’re mixing in through traffic trying to get back and through from work, ” said Todd Waldo, Project Manager for WIsDOT

The DOT hopes to finish the project by November of next year.