With cold weather, fire department urges space heater safety

1/3 of home heating fires come from space heaters

With the cold temperatures, a lot more people are using space heaters in their homes. But if they are used incorrectly, they can be dangerous.

Space heaters account for a third of all home heating fires. The fire department says to keep the space heater three feet from other objects, and to keep kids and pets away.

Make sure the heater has a shut off mechanism if it’s tipped over and a thermostat to keep it from getting too hot.

They also say there are certain places in your home you should avoid using a heater. “Don’t use it in any inclosed areas like underneath a desk or in a closet, don’t use it where there is any path of travel, say people are coming in and out in a doorway, don’t use it that, there’s just more of a chance to get knocked over,” said Lt. Jason Herbold from the La Crosse Fire Department.

The fire department says if you should not use any old heaters that are missing their heat guard or have frayed wiring.