With more people gardening, business is ‘blooming’ for local flower shops

LA CRESCENT, Minn. (WKBT) – With some extra time at home, a lot of green thumbs are popping up in our area.

And that means business is ‘blooming’ for local flower shops.

One shop owner says he’s seen an increase in people starting their own Victory Gardens, which first came about during the two World Wars when food shortages left families hungry.

Now, these types of gardens are growing in popularity again.

During these tough economic times, they can provide people with food security, in addition to saving money at the grocery store.

But there’s another reason people are getting into gardening.

“Because we all stayed at home for a while, this now gives them a release. They can get out in the gardens and do their thing and really enjoy it,” said Bruce Bauer of Bauer’s Market & Nursery.

Bauer says there’s also a lot of people picking up fresh flowers for Mother’s Day.

And he has a special message: “take care of your mother, give her a hug, and get her something nice!”

Bauer’s Market & Nursery was able to open up for business on March 18th and has social distancing guidelines in place to keep shoppers safe.