Woman finds frog in salad, keeps it as pet

A California woman decided to keep a tiny frog she found in her packaged salad as a pet after almost eating the amphibian Wednesday.

The Los Angeles Times reports Becky Garfinkel, a strict vegetarian, found the frog while she was eating her Taylor Farms prepackaged spring mix she had bought at Target.

“I was going to stab at it and take a bite and I see it…and I scream,” Garfinkel said.

When she realized it was indeed an animal, Garfinkel says she immediately went to the bathroom and threw up. Meanwhile, her husband discovered the frog was still alive, but barely, so he worked to revive the creature.

Lucky, as they later named the frog, now lives as the family’s pet.

“He survived so much,” Garfinkel said.”I am just happy he survived and I didn’t eat him.”