Woman rescues baby kangaroo from dead mother’s pouch

An Australian woman saved the life of a baby kangaroo still in its dead mother’s pouch.

Lauren Wagner and a friend were driving when they spotted the mother kangaroo lying in the road after likely being hit by a car, according to The Advertiser.

The woman noticed the kangaroo appeared to be moving, and upon taking a closer look, discovered a joey still alive inside his mother’s pouch.

“I swear I saw it move, so we chucked a U-turn and drove past it slowly and it was definitely moving,” Ms Wagner told The Advertiser.

“It was quite obviously kicking in the tummy and I got out and had a look and saw two little feet sticking out of its pouch.”

Wagner carefully removed the joey and wrapped it up before turning the baby over to a wildlife expert.

The joey, which has been named Jannick, is reportedly doing well.

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