Work set to continues for Band Shell in Riverside Park

Work could be completed by the end of April

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Work is set to continue on the Band Shell in La Crosse’s Riverside Park.

Crews will begin working on the roof that is being built over the existing band *stand* starting Monday

That work is expected to last two weeks and then the copper shingles will be put in place.

Riverfest and Rotary Lights use the stage.

That’s along with serving as the venue for Moon Tunes, the La Crosse Concert Band and a host of other activities.

While the work is scheduled, mother nature could force a change of plans.

“If another big snow storm or something it could put as back a day or two. But so far, outside of this week, we started a little bit on Tuesday and had to kind of stop because of the weather,” said Terry Bauer, La Crosse Band Shell Consortium Co-Chair.

Work could be completed by the end of April.

Additional projects, including a renovation of rest rooms and a new storage space, could be coming to the park as well.