Workplace smoking ban two years-old

LA CROSSE, Wis. — Wisconsin’s workplace smoking ban is now two years-old.

The law made it illegal to smoke in most public indoor buildings, including restaurants, bars and bowling alleys.

The goal is to improve the health of employees who work in those places.


Smoke Free Wisconsin says more than 80% of people think the law makes restaurants and bars more enjoyable.

Health experts in our area say when it took effect some people were worried it would hurt businesses, but some people believe the law has done just the opposite.

“Bar tenders are happier and reporting that they’re healthier patrons are reporting that they’re enjoying the environment better and are either participating in the different venues more or staying the same so really it’s been a very positive thing both for the state of wisconsin and for our local area,” says La Crosse County Health Educator Judi Zabel.

Health experts say there is 99% compliance across the state.

Republican Governor Scott Walker, who initially opposed the ban, says he will not work to repeal it.