WOW! What a weekend! How did the weather play out for Oktoberfest?

"You're Welcome For The Nice Weather" -Bill Graul


The 2022 Oktoberfest in La Crosse has come and gone, but the memories will live on for quite sometime. Some will remember the delicious food and drinks that were served, while others will simply remember the fun. The parades went off without a hitch, and the weather was picture perfect.

How did we fare for Oktoberfest Weekend? Let’s break down the details

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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29th- In La Crosse, we had a high of 67° after a morning start of 37°. We had no precipitation in the rain bucket that day.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th- We made it to 70° after a morning start of 40°. Again, there was no precipitation that day.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1st- This is the warmest of the 4 days as we made it to 73° after a morning start of 48°. We did see a trace of rain right around the 10 AM time frame. Nonetheless, the weather was picture perfect for the Maple Leaf Parade Saturday Morning.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2nd- We made it to 72° after a morning start of 53°. Again, we had a little trace of rain picked up at the airport.

So what did we learn at this year’s Oktoberfest? Well we learned that News 8 Now First Alert Meteorologist (and First time Oktoberfest attendee) Erik Dean is a food connoisseur. Dean mentioned Friday night that “Where there is food, there I am.” We also learned that he can certainly get a crowd going at any event, and we learned that he is an okay dancer.