YMCA ‘New Moves Program’ teaches young girls life-long lessons

La Crosse YMCA teaches self-esteem, healthy eating, body-image

A YMCA program is giving girls a new perspective on life.

It’s all thanks to the Y’s community teen center’s “New Moves Program”.

The nine week program aims to help 8th to 12th grade girls live a healthier lifestyle. It’s not all about exercising as the program focuses on things like self-esteem, healthy eating, and body-image.

It’s something that group leaders hope sticks with the class throughout their life.

“We have girls that need to learn about these things, how to integrate healthier lifestyles, feeling good about yourselves not counting calories just being comfortable in your own skin. Integrating that when you’re young so that you can grow up and be the most confident person is just really important,” said La Crosse YMCA Program Coordinator Sarah Jackson.

“The first day I was sort of scared, but then when I met everyone I was really happy because they make me happy,” said New Moves graduate Ka Khang.

Thursday night the group of 12 graduated from the program. It’s the Y’s third graduating class since starting the program.