‘You ask why’: Galesville mayor frustrated over repeated park vandalism, veterans memorial damaged

Galesville plans to heighten security in Cance Park after vandals damage veterans memorial

GALESVILLE, Wis. (WKBT) – Enough is enough according to Galesville Mayor Vince Howe. Howe is fed up with the repeated vandalism of Galesville’s Cance Park. The damage impacts more than the city’s budget.

Apart from the typical rush of traffic that can hardly be classified as rush hour, small towns sing to their own peaceful harmony.

“Oh, it’s a beautiful spot,” Howe said.

Cance Park in Galesville sits right in between two churches. A place where peace is to be expected. However, the noise taking place in this park in recent days is deafening to Howe and Galesville alderperson Kelly Kreger’s ears.

“We got vandalism here that’s kinda getting’ outta hand,” Howe said. “The light for the flag just keeps getting broke and removed. It’s … it’s endless. They don’t wanna quit.”

Howe can’t keep track of all of the damage.

“They’re breaking the glass in the lights. Every one of them have been broke,” Howe said.

Someone damaged a water fountain and then broke it off. Howe doesn’t know what caused the bathroom building’s siding to crack, but he knows what didn’t.

“This is not hailed damage,” Howe said.

All the gates to the tennis court are locked due to vandalism. Even those who want to play tennis would have a hard time because someone stole the nets.

Damage to the parks veteran memorial named after the late John Cance left Howe especially frustrated. John Cance was a civic leader who gave a lot back to this community.

“He was a big contributor to this city,” Howe said.

The spot that honors military veterans and pays respect to the scars of war, now has a scar of its own.

“I just have a place in my heart for the veterans. They did a lot for this country.

“I don’t know. You ask why,” Howe said. “Why do they want to damage it?”

Howe added surveillance video signs that will soon mean what they say.

“Hate to do it; sit and spy on people, but almost gotta,” Howe said.

Howe and Kreger said they still want to invest in this park.

“We want to make sure that the park is in good condition for everybody to use,” Kreger said.

This typically quiet place will now have eyes on people who disturb the peace. Howe encourages anyone driving by the park to report anything they see that looks suspicious.

Howe said vandals have repeatedly hit the park over the past two years. The city is waiting on the insurance company to respond to its claim for repairs.