Young sentenced to life with chance of release after 35 years

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — Timothy Young was sentenced Friday to life imprisonment with a chance of release on extended supervision after 35 years by Judge Elliott Levine.

Young pled guilty to first-degree intentional homicide in March after shooting 19-year-old Anthony Fimple in the head last June while Fimple was working as a bouncer in downtown La Crosse.

He will spend 35 years in prison and can apply to be released on extended supervision in 2056. That release would require approval by a judge.

“These sentences never really resolve anything except for this debt. The next part is for the community to try to heal the best it can. I’d ask for everybody in this courtroom and the community to look to each other and make that healing happen,” Levine said.

“From all of us in La Crosse, we can tell you that we are so deeply sorry for what has happened and we hope that some day you all gather around that willow tree and celebrate Anthony’s life on his birthday and on his father’s birthday,” Levine continued, addressing Fimple’s family directly.

Levine heard several statements from Fimple’s family and friends, who described the huge impact he had on them, as well as Fimple’s plans to join the U.S. Navy and serve his country and community.

“He was such a fine young man at 19 years old,” Levine said.

Young broke down crying while making his statement, saying, “I pray for forgiveness, but do not expect to find it.”

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