Zippin Pippin to mark anniversary of Elvis’ ride

The Zippin Pippin plans to mark the 36th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s last ride on the historical wooden roller coaster, now in Green Bay.

The coaster operated for decades in Memphis, Tenn., where it became Presley’s favorite ride. Green Bay spent about $3.8 million to re-create the wooden roller coaster at Bay Beach.

It debuted in 2011, and has quickly outpaced the predicted average ridership of 200,000 riders per year.

Officials plan to light up the ride Thursday night as well as grill peanut butter and banana sandwiches, Presley’s favorite. They will also sell “hound dogs” and riders will receive a glow necklace.

Press-Gazette Media reports there will also be an costume contest and a tribute performance.

Presley last rode the coaster on Aug. 8, 1977.